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About Us

What’s up!

First off, thanks for visiting our site, we hope you like something you see.

This is Hannah & Justin and this is our story on founding C2E Apparel. The year is 2020, we have been married 8 years, have two toddlers, have terrible diets, bodies we aren’t proud of, and health markers that are concerning. Hannah had started going to CrossFit classes here and there as time allowed and a passion started building. It took a while to get Justin roped in but in October of 2020 they both joined a local box (shoutout to the best one around BELLHOUSE!) with unlimited memberships, so that there was no excuse not to attend every day.

Health markers started improving, diets started improving, bodies started changing. Our best friends are people we’ve met along this journey! Our kids love “working out” with us. We both got our CF level 1 trainer cert in 2021 to continue learning/knowledge and Hannah started coaching right away.

We launched C2E January 2022.

A closet full of shirts that looked good on a rack or online, felt cool, maybe even fit all right…..until they didn’t. Ours were full of these! Sound Familiar? So we set out to fix our closet, the closet of our friends, and anyone else who wanted a bit of a change or just something new. 

Not to mention workout pants you can see through, shorts that are too long, shirts that fit like a box and don’t show off the guns you’ve been working for, or materials that don’t feel good! We’re all working hard in the gym; you deserve to feel good and look good doing it!

We spare no expense to find the best FEEL in products that we can while striving for the FIT that is your new favorite and a FINISH that looks good and lasts!